1 Minute Video

October 30, 2009

Final Artifact

March 20, 2009

The most amount of time i spent on this was on my flash slide show. I stayed for extra tutorials and worked on it for longer than i spent on any other part of my website.

I wish i would have put in as much effort on all of the other aspects of my website as i did with the flash and stayed for the extra tutorials and read up about it more.

It annoys me because i feel that as the module has ended i have just started to get used to dream weaver and have started to enjoy using the programs. When i first started this module i was a complete novice and found it hard to use these programs and found it frustrating but when you get the hang of them i found this module quite enjoyable as computers are an enjoyable past time of mine as well as media production.

I have found my website to be quick basic looking but it has all the things stated on the criteria with navigation bars, links to the next picture and of course the slide show.

I believe if i did this again i would have made a far better website because i have got past the hardest first step and found a passion for the subject. I think that is one of the most important things to succeed at anything, to find the part of a task you enjoy then focus on it when things become hard to give strength to succeed.

Second Life

March 20, 2009


After the lecture of second life i was intrigued to find out what this was as i had never heard of it before.

So i signed up and started my second life adventure. I couldn’t understand why people where using their own money to buy ‘Linden Dollars’ to buy things in the virtual world.

I was surprised to see how many people there are on this from so many different places in the world.  All talking and socialising with each other.

As much as i am a fan of the Internet and the things that it has enabled i think it has taken so many things away. Now i see my younger cousins sitting on the Internet all night long going on things like this. Doing all sorts of things on the virtual world and it upsets me to see how little they do in the real world.

I love the fact that we can socialise with people from America and Australia but it saddens me to see as we talk to them on line we miss playing football in the park with the boy next door. I feel that the internet has opened out the world for us all to see, its just a shame that the place we have to see it from is the dark spare box room that has had a computer placed inside it.

Web 2.0

March 20, 2009


I remember when i first changed my computer from dial up Internet that clogged up the phone line when ever i went on it to broadband.

Even though broadband was only about 500k it seam like lightening compared to my previous 50k. With web pages coming up quicker than ever before i never thought i would need a faster Internet connection than that. But now that Internet connection would be extremely frustrating to the point of it being worthless.

As the Internet has evolved from standard frame sets and Div Tags where you could sign up to someones online guest book and they would email you back to being able post pictures, songs or even videos on someones Myspace or Facebook i wonder where it will go to next?

I currently have 10meg Internet and with living in a student household with 3 other boys we often wonder if its enough and think about if we should upgrade. With so many people streaming videos from youtube to being able to put thousands of photos on Facebook i wonder what will be installed for us when web 3.0 is used  and we all look back on that days where the best we could do is watch video on the Internet using Web 2.0

History of the internet

March 20, 2009

I found this lecture one of the more interesting ones because a few days before we had this i watched a program on the discovery channel about how the net was created. The lecture gave me a more in depth understanding of how the net was created from the root of it to the very end. The program that i watched focused more on Internet Explorer Vs Netscape.

I am very glad that i got to have this lecture so soon after i watched the program because the facts that i learnt in the program were long forgotten but as soon as i had the lecture everything came flooding back and i believe is there to stay.

What i was most surprised about with the start of the Internet was how ruthless Microsoft were in making sure that they controlled the first Internet browser war. I was shocked to hear how Microsoft bullied Netscape out of the Internet browser world by any means they could. From making other company’s stop trading with Netscape to in the end making their own Internet explorer free of charge on their own operating system.

I followed up on Microsoft and their aggressive business plan and enjoyed reading about the trials of Bill Gates and Microsoft and was unaware until now that he resigned as chairman of Microsoft after Microsoft was on trial Vs the United States and such Internet issues as Netscape came in to play.

Music and the internet

March 20, 2009

After the lecture on how Itunes has changed the way the music industry works made me start to think about how other things could go the way of the music industry. What i mean by this is as the Internet gets faster, with virgin doing up to 50meg Internet, could the film industry be next ?

More and more people i talk to use bit-torrent and more and more use it to not only download music albums but also to download films and television shows. With DVD ripping as easy as music ripping was, I believe that the Internet will soon kill the film the way it has killed the music.

I-tunes has already started to sell films and television shows to users so they can watch them on their own i-pods, it seams like the film and the television is the next industry to fall. Also you can use PlayStation’s and x-boxes as media servers which can stream music or videos from your computer to your television screens as soon as you download them. I really believe that soon enough the physical disk format will become extinct which i believe will be a great loss to us all.

Charlie bit my finger

March 20, 2009

I first saw this video on ‘rube tube top  Internet videos’ all of the other videos were either funny or interesting and I could not understand why this one is so high on the list. I watched this again to see if there was something i was missing but I could still not see the attraction to this video.

I set out to try and find what it was about this video that drew people towards it. The first person i talked to was a beautiful girl called Amy who really enjoyed this video.  She tried to shed the light on this video and tried to convince me that this was funny but what she seamed to like the most was the cuteness of the two children. I think this video, without sounding sexist, reaches out to women more than men as they have maternal instincts and are generally more emotional than men.

After she had explained her reason for liking this video to me i could understand why it has become so popular but for me it will never live up to its hype.

Welcome To My Blog!

February 10, 2009